Bionic Band Original Black


These bands have been imprinted with the Original Frequency. The BRT® Original Frequency is the frequency that the human body should naturally be at.  At this frequency, the cells in the body are communicating with each other and working together in unison.  This frequency may allow your body to return to it natural state of energy, strength, and balance.

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The BIONIC BAND Original Black ® is an extremely durable velcro band made from twill webbing that’s lightweight and adjustable. This is our original product we offered, and remains one of our most popular items today!

BIONICBAND® Small is great for children or women with smaller wrists, the length is 8 inches.  Medium is the perfect size for most women and some men, the length is 9 inches.  Large will fit the majority of men, the length is 10 inches.  Extra Large is 12 inches, and Extra Extra Large is 14 inches. If you do not want to wear it on your wrist, try one on your ankle.

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