These are some of the most commonly asked questions about our products.  If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to contact us!

EMF, or Electromagnetic Frequency, are man-made frequencies that bombard us daily, from our use of cell phones, electricity, etc. These harmful frequencies disrupt our natural frequency (7.83 Hz) and cellular communication throughout the body, resulting in less energy, lack of sleep, and slower recovery times from exertion and symptoms that cause us pain. Restore your natural frequency and your body becomes very efficient when it can properly communicate among its cells.
The frequency technology in all of our products are guaranteed for life.  The frequency does not dissipate or fade away over time, so there is no need to “recharge” it.
You can wear and clean your frequency technology jewelry just like any other jewelry. Don’t worry, nothing will cause the embedded frequency to stop working. You can clean your jewelry with liquid jewelry cleaner, soap and water, or whatever you normally use. We recommend that you never take your frequency jewelry off, so you are always protected from EMF!
You can be sure your product is still working by conducting any of the demos with it.
No, our products do not use magnets, only frequency technology.
All of the different frequencies provide protection from EMF, and all of them, with the exception of the Sleep Frequency, have been shown to provide pain relief, based on the testimonials we receive.  Here are the primary differences in the frequencies:

     Original Frequency – the majority of our products are the original frequency of 7.83 Hz, which is what the Earth resonates at.  These are designed to be worn all of the time.  You never have to take these off.

     Sport Frequency – the sport frequency bands are higher than the original, and they are designed for additional energy during intense workouts, sports, etc. Although some people do, this frequency was not designed to be worn all the time, but only when that extra energy is needed.

     Edge Frequency – the edge frequency is between the original and the sport frequency ranges, and it is designed for mental clarity.  The edge band can help with playing golf, chess, or any other action that requires more mental focus. The Bionic Edge and the Better Golf Bands have the Edge frequency.

     Sleep Frequency – the sleep frequency is a very low frequency that is designed to help your mind during sleeping times.  See this link for a sleep study using the sleep band.  Both the terry cloth Sleep Band and the silicone Zzzzzz Band work the same, it’s just a matter of preference.

Yes, all of our products are designed to work together.  For example, you can wear an original frequency all the time, and when you go play basketball or football, you can put a sport band on your other wrist or ankle.
Yes, animals will benefit from wearing Frequency Technology as well!  Pet owners have reported restored vitality and energy in older cats and dogs, as well as pain reduction in pets and horses (stop limping after wearing our product).  See our Bionic Animal bands HERE.
You can measure your ring size using one of your current rings using our Ring Size Chart:  Ring-Size-Finder.


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